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Expand your Chevy dually truck, Dodge dually truck, dually Ford F350 truck or GMC dually truck carrying capacity by a full 2 feet! The Westin Bed Xtender runs the length of your folded-down tailgate, acting as a versatile fence to contain large loads. Made from 6000 series aircraft aluminum, the Bed X-Tender is tough enough to handle the heaviest loads, and lightweight for easy folding out or in.

Fold the Bed X-Tender back inside the bed, and your bed extender now acts as a cargo container. You get a 2-foot fenced-in space behind the tailgate for holding anything from a gas can to groceries. Perfect for f250 dually truck beds with a tonneau cover, the Bed X-Tender keeps your gear from sliding or rolling to unreachable areas.

X-TREME GATE Slide-Out Truck Bed Extender
The X-TREME GATE Slide-Out Truck Bed Extender is the only truck bed extender that you do not have to remove prior to loading your cargo. It is easily deployed and will store away in just seconds.

The X-TREME GATE Slide-Out Truck Bed Extender installs in less than 1 hour with a drill and a Phillips head screw driver.

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Westin Bed Xtender
XTen-D-Gate Bed Extender from Woodshed Technologies can be your answer for extra cargo space requirements.. These rugged heavy duty dually truck bed extenders are very easy to install and are made of corrosion resistant bed extender plate hardware. XTen-D-Gate Bed Extender are the lowest profile of any truck bed extender made. The XTen-D-Gate Dually Truck Bed Extender can be used with toppers and tonneau covers.

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Quick Gate Bed Extender
The Kwik Gate is by far the most versitale bed extending device we have ever seen! What is unique about the new Kwik Gate are the hand rails used for easy entry in and out of your truck bed and its has a 400 pound rating for the step function. Kwik Gate is sturdy but not bulky and a useful bed extender. It can be the most useful accessory you can buy for your dually truck.

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Westin Bed Xtender
Instantly adds up to 2 feet of length to your truck bed. Perfect for ATVs, motorcycles, bikes or any long cargo. Constructed of durable lightweight aircraft aluminum. Designed for easy installation and removal with the NEW Quick-Latch & Release Design. Fold the Bed Extender forward and use it for storage in the rear of the truck - keeps groceries and small items from rolling around the truck bed.

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Western Bed Extender

Installation is straightforward and easy for the do-it-yourselfer. Westin includes all the hardware you will need for mounting your bed extender with some minor drilling. Your Westin Bed X-Tender is powder-coated silver to a sleek finish and covered by a 3-year warranty. Cost is less than $400.00


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