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If you are thinking about increasing the foot print of your Chevrolet Silverado dually, Dodge Megacab dually, Ford F 350 dually or GMC 1 ton dually from factory 16 inch or 17 inch dually wheels you are not alone.

Many dually truck owners have switched to 19.5 dually rims, 22.5 dually wheels and even a 24 dually wheel in the last few years thanks to a company like Alcoa that make these big dually wheels.

8 Lug Heavy Duty Dually Wheel Adapter
Heavy Duty Dually Wheel Adapter
8 Lug to 8 Lug

10 Lug Heavy Duty Dually Wheel Adapter

Heavy Duty Dually Wheel Adapter
8 Lug to 10 Lug

If you are wondering just what it would take for this dually conversion, it's as simple as a dually adapter conversion kit. These dually wheel adapters are precision adapters that let you run 19.5 dually wheels on your one ton dually truck.

They bolt directly to the one ton axle wheel 8 lugs and have 10 wheel studs to which you can mount a 19.5 wheels. They also act like spacers between the dually tires so you won't have problems with the larger dually tires touching. Touching tires are very dangerous and under load will almost certainly cause tire failure.

These adapters such as the ones made by Arrowcraft are made from steel not aluminum. They are simple to install, just as easy as changing a dually tire. Arrowcraft and other manufacturers designed the adapters to mount directly to your existing axle stud requiring no modifications on your part. You can buy the adapter by itself and use your own wheels.

One thing to remember, these adapters do not increase load capacity. Depending on dually rim and dually tire width, choose one inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inch and 3 inch dually adapters.

Dodge Dually With Wheel Adapter conversion Kit - Dually Towing

Dodge Dually Hauler With 22.5 Dually Wheels and Dually Low Profile Tires
Great Looking Dually Conversion

As mentioned above 19.5 adaptors require no modification to your dually truck. However 22 inch dually wheels and 22.5 dually wheels and 24 dually wheels require a 2" lift kit. These dually conversions consist of four dually adapters, 2 for the rear dually wheels and two for the front dually rims.


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