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Seems like a lot of truck enthusiast are looking at doing Dually Wheel Conversions on their 3/4 ton and one ton pickup trucks these days. Some want the dually wheels and tires thinking it will increase the trucks gross vehicle rating (GVWR) capacity. While others just want the look of a dually truck and don't intend to haul or pull anything very heavy. GVWR capacity is determined by the axle and not on how many wheels it has. Unless you change the rear end, you're still stuck with 3/4 ton axles. A better choice would be using a 1 ton truck such as a F-350 Ford single wheel drive.

The wheel adapters are the weak point. Always use a heavy duty steel dually wheel adapter. These steel adapters are much stronger than a aluminum dually wheel adapter.

Dually Conversion Fender Dually Conversion Adapter
Arrowcraft - Chevy Dually Fender
and Adapters used on Dually bed conversions!
Heavy Duty Steel
Dually Wheel Adapters

6 lug to 8 lug
8 lug to 8 lug
8 lug to 10 lug for larger 22 inch wheels

For those of you that want the dually look on a truck you already own, then consider a dually wheel conversion kit manufactured by Arrowcraft. Depending on the truck, most Arrowcraft Dually Conversion Kits will run you about $2000.00. Arrowcraft dually body conversion kits or dually kits consist of 2 rear dually fenders, rear adapters, front wheel adapters, 4 Alcoa Aluminum Rims, and 2 steels rims, caps and lugs. However, you could save money by shopping around for the adapters, Alcoa custom wheels and steel dually rims. Other cost involved would be the dually tires, paint and the cost to extend the gas filler neck.

Alcoa Hot Shot 8-bolt Aluminum Dually Rim

Alcoa Aluminum Dually Wheels
Hot Shot 8 Bolt Polished Aluminum
Available in sizes 16x6 and 16x6.5

Alcoa Classic 10 Custom Dually Wheels

Alcoa Custom Dually Rim
Classic 10 (10-bolt) Polished Aluminum
Available in sizes 16x6, 16x6.5, 19.5
22.5 dually and 24 dually wheels

Dually Conversion - 1989 F-350 Crew Cab - Mounting the Dually Fender Dually Conversion - F 350 - Dually Fender Mounted Dually Conversion - Ford F350 - Completed Dually Conversion
Mounting the Fender                  Fender Mounted             Completed Dually Conversion

Click on the above dually pictures to see a larger image with more detail of this dually wheel conversion.

Arrowcraft Dually Conversion Kits

Arrowcraft Dually Conversion Kit Fenders are specially designed to match the contours of your Chevy truck, Dodge truck, Ford truck and GMC truck. They are easy to install and fenders come with all mounting hardware. All Arrowcraft Dually Conversion Fenders are made from high quality fiberglass, and come in a gray primer ready to be sanded and painted.
  • Chevy 1988-1998 8ft bed
  • Chevy 1988-1998 short bed
  • Chevy 1999-2007
  • Chevy 1999-2007 dually crew cab
  • Chevy Suburban 1978-1991
  • Chevy Suburban 1992 and up
  • Dodge 1981-1993
  • Dodge 1994 and up
  • Ford 1973-1979
  • Ford 1980-1986
  • Ford 1987-1998
  • Ford 1999-2007

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2012 Dodge Low Profile Dually


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