How to lubricate pinewood derby wheels

Making a Pinewood Derby car go fast can be accomplished in a variety of ways. The question is, though, how do you determine which issues are the most critical? Make your Pinewood Racer go fast with this list of tips and tricks you may or may not have heard.

How to lubricate pinewood derby wheels

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Final Wheel Lubrication for Your Car

After the car has been driven straight and true, the final step in reducing friction is to lubricate the wheels and tires. Graphite, Teflon, and other dry lubricants are generally permitted by most organizations. We’ve discovered that the graphite/moly blend from Hodges Hobby House is the most effective of all the materials we’ve tried.

It is also important to understand how to build up the best coating of graphite that will last throughout a day’s racing without the need to add more graphite, which is almost never permitted.

You’ll need the following tools and materials:

Your favorite graphite or other dry lubricant of choice
You’ll need an exercise treadmill or other device that can move the wheels at a fast walking pace. (I’m a photographer, and I found that my Cibachrome processing drums and motorized base worked perfectly for this process; you might try begging or borrowing a different mechanism to move the wheels for this process.)
A small paintbrush used by an artist.
The following are the steps in the process:

Work graphite between the axle hub and the car body with an artist’s brush, and then gently burnish it into place by twisting the wheel while pressing it against the body.
As you hold the car sideways, tap a small pile of graphite into the “wire wheel” area of the wheel and use the brush to work it down between the axle and wheel bore until it is completely gone.
For each of the four wheels, repeat the first two steps once more.
For the next two minutes, “run in” the car on a treadmill or other mechanical contraption for two minutes.
At least four times, go through those four steps again.
Now repeat steps one through four two more times, but this time run in the graphite for only one minute the next-to-last time and 30 seconds the very last time, so that you have completed the cycle.
Before race day, store the car in a padded box and keep it away from curious children who might want to “play” with it.
Whatever you do, resist the temptation to add “just a little more” graphite to your project! Loose graphite is gummy, and having little bits of it floating around inside the axle bores will only serve to slow down the vehicle. If you carefully time the car, you will notice that it runs faster on the second and third runs down the track, and that it maintains its times for at least six to eight runs before the graphite begins to wear away from the body.
The day before the District races, repeat this entire process once more if you win your Pack and advance to the District level.

Can you put graphite on Pinewood Derby car?

Graphite is perhaps the most widely used and accepted lubricant for Pinewood Derby competitions available today. Molybdenum (Moly) is also used, both alone and in combination with graphite, which is more common. Graphite and graphite with molybdenum are the most effective lubricants for your automobile.

Is graphite a lubricant?

As a lubricant, graphite has been around for a long time [164]. When one graphite particle slides over another graphite particle, it’s believed that a mechanical lubrication process occurs. Lubricant fluid dispersion or usage of graphite as a dry lubricant are two options.

Should I sand pinewood derby wheels?

A mold mark on the wheel tread of pinewood derby wheels used to exist, and it was necessary to remove it by sanding it. No longer is a mold mark visible on the new wheels. Sanding can still be beneficial in that it can remove variations in the wheel circumference, thereby making the wheel rounder, but it is no longer as necessary as it once was to make the wheel rounder.

Should I sand pinewood derby wheels?


What is the best shape for a pinewood derby car?

A basic wedge
When it comes to flying, aerodynamics are more important than anything else. The wedge design, like a spoiler on the back of a sports car, allows as much air to pass over the top of the car without any obstruction while keeping the car firmly on the track.

How can I make my derby wheels faster?

Tips for Speeding Up Your Pinewood Derby Car in a Flash!
Put your entire weight behind you….
At the place where the car’s body and wheels come into contact, lubricate the vehicle.
Prepare the axles well….
Take a look at your wheels and make sure they’re ready….
Check the alignment of your wheels once they’ve been mounted.

FAQ how to lubricate pinewood derby wheels

How do you reduce friction on a Pinewood Derby car?

Reducing friction is as simple as lubricating the surfaces that produce it. Pinewood derby racing would be incomplete without proper lubrication. Invest in a dry PRO tube. The axle shaft and the wheel bore should be coated in graphite with moly. Spin the wheel so that the graphite can be absorbed into the material..

How long should pinewood derby wheels spin?

For how long should pinewood derby wheels be able to run? Friction is reduced on a long-spinning wheel, therefore the longer it spins, the better. Good wheels can spin for about 20 seconds, however this period can vary depending on the type of wheel, lubricant, and the amount of force needed to get the wheels spinning.

Should I glue Pinewood Derby axles?

To keep the axles in place, glue them firmly into their holes, but be careful to avoid getting glue on your wheels.

How far apart should the wheels be on a Pinewood Derby car?

The wheel base (the distance between the front and rear axles) cannot be changed. axles and a wheel base distance of 4-1/4 to 4 3/8 inches must be utilized in the cut slots 8.


Making a Pinewood Derby car go fast can be accomplished in a variety of ways. The question is, though, how do you determine which issues are the most critical? Make your Pinewood Racer go fast with this list of tips and tricks you may or may not have heard.
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