How to measure rc wheels?Use These Measurements to Calculate the Offset

The frequency with which you use your Radio Control (RC) Car wheels will determine how often you need to replace them, but on average, they should be replaced every three months. The RC car will be more difficult to drive on short courses if the tires don’t fit properly, so knowing what measurements you need to replace them is critical.

how to measure rc wheels

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RC wheels Determination

RC tires do not typically have their sizes engraved on the rubber walls like full-size tires do. This information is too extensive to fit in the available space. If you have the instruction manual that came with your RC model, you’re good to go. This is where you’ll find the data.

It’s unlikely that searching for a tire size match by looking up the RC brand and model on the chassis parts will help, but if you are able to deduce the model, you may find the correct tire size on our website. You can either measure your rims or contact us for assistance if none of these options work.

How can you Measure RC wheels?

The manufacturer’s recommendations for rim and tire size should be followed, but it is always best to measure your RC tires to ensure a proper fit for the next rim and tire. It’s especially true if you buy a second-hand item, as some modifications might have been made.

Discover Digital Calipers, Plastic Boards and Flat Surfaces for Measurements
You’ll need a few things before you can begin measuring:
The Neiko 01407A Electronic Digital Caliper from is an excellent example of a digital caliper.
Material that isn’t prone to breaking or bending, such as a piece of plastic board
good lighting and a flat surface

  1.  A digital caliper is far more accurate than a measuring tape or a ruler, and it’s a lot easier to use. In addition, they aren’t prohibitively expensive and can be applied to a wide range of tasks.
  2.   Measure the width of the rim with a digital caliper.
    In order to figure out how wide a wheel’s rim is, you must measure the entire diameter before     dividing it by the radius.Using the caliper, measure the rim’s entire width, starting at the tire and   working outward. The RC tire’s radius can be calculated by multiplying the measurement by two. This is the number    you need to jot down.As an illustration, the radius is 10 mm for an RC tire with a width of 20 millimeters.
  3. Use a Caliper and a Plastic Board to Measure Hex Slot Depth

Before we get started, you’ll need to take some measurements.

For this measurement, you’ll need a flat piece of plastic or cardboard that won’t bend; anything less won’t work.

Overlap the flat piece of material with the inner side of the rim and secure in place. Use a digital caliper to measure the distance on the plastic after you have marked the width. You’ll also need to subtract the plastic board’s width from that measurement.

Subtract the board’s width from the total measurement you just took. If the board’s width is 3 mm and the total length is 20 mm, the remaining size is 17 mm, for example.

Determine Offset Using These Measurements
After all three measurements have been taken, you will need to figure out the offset.”

An RC tire’s offset is calculated using the following equation:

The Radius of Tires – Depth of Inner Mounting Hex = Offset

As a result, both the left and right tires must be measured. Afterward, you’ll be able to select your tires based on the offset measurement that you’ve obtained.

Guide for RC Off-Road wheels

When it comes to braking, cornering, acceleration, and handling, the right tires can make all the difference. Off-road tires come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit the diverse preferences of racers.

how to measure rc wheels

It is critical that you are familiar with the best-performing tire treads, compounds, and inserts for the terrain on which you drive. When deciding on the best set of tires for your requirements, keep a number of things in mind.

  • Compound
  • Car tires come in a variety of compounds, such as:
  • Soft\sMedium
  • Hard

When driving on a surface that is hard-packed, soft tires provide better traction than other tires. Softer tires wear out more quickly than hard or medium-compound tires.

When purchasing soft compound tires, the wear factor must be taken into account. Soft-compound tires are popular among RC enthusiasts because they enhance cornering.

  • Inserts

Filling a tire with inserts is like filling a tire with air. An RC car tire’s inner molding is precisely designed to fit these.

Hard inserts prevent the tire from losing its shape during high-speed cornering or acceleration. In addition, inserts improve the car’s sturdiness.

  • Traction

Tires with fewer pins are better suited for driving on rocky or icy roads. Tires with horizontal bars, on the other hand, provide more forward traction and reduce braking distances.
Side and steering traction are lost when the vehicle has horizontal bars on the side of the vehicle. Selecting tires with vertically aligned pins can help you get better side traction.
Ribbed front tires are common on two-wheel-drive vehicles to improve cornering traction. Horizontal bars, as opposed to vertical pins, are made to provide more forward traction.

Loamy or loose sandy soil is best served by tires with horizontal bars or medium pins. Both hard-packed and loamy surfaces benefit greatly from the excellent traction provided by medium-sized pins.

With different-sized pins, some tires offer traction on the road as well as off of it. Race tires with vertical and horizontal pins provide traction for both the side and front wheels.

  • Sidewall

Higher sidewall tires make cornering more difficult. On the other hand, stiff, low-profile tires reduce flex, thereby enhancing cornering speed.

  • Camber

When the RC is going straight, the angle of the wheels helps to reduce the amount of surface contact, which reduces traction. In contrast, a good camber improves cornering by increasing the amount of contact with the road surface.

Because the front and rear wheels of many RCs are set to different degrees of camber, the tires wear unevenly. The front and back tires of an RC car wear differently, so don’t mix them when reinstalling used tires.

  • RTR Wheels and Tires

Almost all of the tires on RTR vehicles can be used on a variety of surfaces. To keep them going for a longer period of time, they are often made of hard compounds.

  • Retaining Proper Tire Pressure

Stress on the bearings and other parts of the wheel can cause an RC to wobble as a result of spinning wheels. Balancing your RC’s tires improves the bearings’ durability, making the vehicle easier to control.

  • The shape of a tire’s tread

Tire profiles or carcass shapes are divided into two main categories: radial and bias.

  1. Square
  2. Rounded

The crowns of square tires are relatively flat. They can stand on their own and still keep the tire patch in contact with the pit surface.

Due to their large contact areas, square profile tires provide excellent forward traction. It is also important to note that tires with a square profile are excellent for cornering.

When they hit a rut or a hole in the track, square tire profiles can also slide unexpectedly. When sliding sideways, this type of tire profile quickly loses its shape and can easily flip.

Tires with rounded profiles perform well even in rocky or muddy terrain. It’s also easier to drive the RC through corners with these tires.

How To Measure R/C Wheel Offset

  • 1st Step: Measure The Rim Width For The Middle Measurement:

Take a caliper to the rim and measure the full width with it. We measured it to be roughly 26mm in the image above. This is your tire’s midpoint measurement, so split it by two to obtain the other half. To put it another way, if you divide 2 by 26, you get 13mm as the answer.

How To Measure R/C Wheel Offset

  • 2nd Step: Measure The Depth Of The Mounting Hex Slot:

Step two is to gauge the depth of the mounting hex on the inside of the bracket. We measured the depth of the hex by putting the box over the rim’s inner edge and taking a distance reading. We’ve compiled our findings in the graphic shown below (which was about 26mm)
In order to get an accurate measurement, deduct the box’s complete width from the overall measurement (26mm). It was (in this example, 15mm). As a result, the difference between 26mm and 11mm is just 15mm.

  • 3rd Step: Determine the Offset.

In order to arrive at the final measurement of 11mm, we must deduct it from the initial 13mm center point measurement we took in the first stage. 13 – 11 equals 2. To get an accurate measurement, I used the 2mm negative offset on this Team Tetsujin Super Rim. Whether or whether you have a negative offset is determined by the depth of your hub mounting surface.

FAQ how to measure rc wheels

How do I know what size my RC tires are?

Measuring the Tires of Your RC Car

In order to accurately measure the rim width, you’ll need a precise caliper; otherwise, your search for RC tires will be an iterative process. Tires are sold by dividing their radius by their width and multiplying the result by two.

How do you measure offset on RC wheels?

  • Step 1: Measure the rim width to finding the middle. To measure the entire width of the rim by using your caliper. …
  • Step 2: Measure The Depth Of The Mounting Hex Slot. After we defined the middle, the next step is how deep the inner mounting hex. …
  • Step 3: Calculate The Offset. We got the result!

What is the tallest 1.9 RC tire?

Super Swamper TSL/Bogger tires from Interco

For scalers, Interco has released a new tire called the Super Swamper TSL/Bogger. To date, this is the highest-volume 1.9″ tire on the market. In terms of both appearance and height, this tire is identical to its larger-scale version.


So, a caliper is a need right now! In order to get the most exact measurements, you should utilize digital calipers. A caliper is one of the most useful tools you’ll ever have in the world of RC. In addition, you’ll want a flat, non-bending surface. I’m utilizing a hard paper box in this instance.

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