Truck Nutz

Truck nuts are a type of fastener used to secure a piece of equipment to its mount. They are made of metal and have a series of holes that fit over the screw or bolt head.

truck nutz
truck nutz

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Truck Nutz

Truck Nutz are a novelty automotive accessory that hang from any bumper or hitch and let you show the world your nuts.

Get a set today and when someone tells you that your dually has no grit, just tell them – that’s ok cause I’ve got truck nutz! Sure you have a nice dually truck and you may have 20 inch rims, low profile tires, but your not a truck nut without our Truck Nutz.

There are about 12 different colors of Truck Nutz, insuring that there is one to match any dually truck.

Truck nutz -the ultimate duall accessory

Look no further! There is a color for your dually truck. There are two sizes to choose from! A small set of nutz and the wildly popular big bull balls. Not made in China yet! Truck Nutz are made in the U.S.A.

No need to go nutz hanging the ultimate truck accessory, just be creative! Try using an old shoe lace or a zip tie, or for a more permanent application use picture hanging wire. However, we recommend anchor shackles with a screw pin to keep the orientation correct. Don’t have a truck? No problem, hang a pair of these truck balls from your rear view mirror and draw some pretty funny looks from passers by.

What are Truck Nuts?

Truck nuts are commonly used to secure the exterior of a truck to keep it from moving. They come in different sizes and shapes to fit any need. Truck nuts are also used as an accessory for trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles.

Types of Truck Nuts

Types of Truck Nuts
Types of Truck Nuts

There are a few different types of truck nuts, each with its own benefits.

-Hexagonal Truck Nut: Hexagon truck nuts are the most common type and have six evenly spaced holes on their surface. They’re perfect for use with screws or bolts that have a hexagonal head, because their shape ensures that they’ll fit snugly over the head. -Phillips Head Truck Nut: Phillips head truck nuts are slightly different than hexagon truck nuts. They have a Phillips head (similar to a screwdriver) on one side, which makes it easier to remove them once they’re

How to Use Truck Nuts?

Truck nuts are a type of exterior accessory that can be used on trucks to give them an extra boost. They are made out of metal and fit over the axle of the truck, providing extra support. When using truck nuts, it is important to make sure they are properly installed and tightened so they do not come loose.

Is a Ban on Truck Nuts Unconstitutional?

There is a ban on truck nuts in the United States. The ban was put in place in response to the increasing number of accidents caused by truck nuts. Truck nuts are pieces of metal that are welded to the frame of a truck and are used to hold down the trailer. They can be dangerous because they can cause an accident if they fall off the truck. There is a lot of debate over whether or not the ban on truck nuts is unconstitutional. Some people argue that the ban violates people’s rights because it is unnecessary and arbitrary. Others argue that the ban is constitutional because it is necessary to protect people from accidents.

With that said, Moose Knuckle Offroad shackles are a great alternative to hanging plastic testicles from your bumper or hitch receiver while still adding that manly touch to the back of your truck or vehicle. Legal, highly functional and still fun.

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Truck nuts are a great way to secure a piece of equipment to its mount. They are easy to use and come in many different sizes and types.

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